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Good morning,
In Sihanoukville, what a mouthful. Got to the coast a few days ago and made a cruel discovery; every beach looks the same in the rain. On seeing the sea for the first time Ciaran said, looks like Dollymount. Our destination was Koh Tonsay, had heard lots about it being undeveloped, where we could sit on the beach all day and eat crab. But then I began to hear about rats, bedbugs and packs of dogs. That with rain and rough seas made my mind up. I'm just not that kind of girl anymore. In fact, instead of getting less bothered by where we stay it's bothering me more. I was ranting around our €8 room last night, railing against this ever present smell. Everywhere is musty. I'd say I will regret complaining when I see my "rustic" bungalow on Koh Rong today. I wish I didn't mind sleeping in other peoples dried sweat and body fluids but I seem to have reached saturation point, literally.

The weather looks better today. We booked into a place with a pool yesterday. I was conducting an experiment as to how long the kids would stay in the pool, rain and all.Three hours later I had to fold, how much longer could they have gone?

I can't get over the availability of western food in Cambodia, those NGO's have a lot to answer for. It makes it difficult to get the kids to tow the party line of local food. I prefer the food in Laos, although the choice was limited it seemed fresher, spicier, with more herbs. Khmer curries are surprisingly mild with potatoes, onions and pumpkins, a lot like stew at home.

So our time is getting shorter. Harry's B day tomorrow, Ciarans soon after. I think we will all be happy enough to go home, kids want to see their friends, I look forward to some silence. I'd say work has a certain appeal for Ciaran. That is of course until we arrive home and realise how good we had it here!

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Very honest post Caroline. Of course you'll look back on it with fondness.

by paulmulligan

i loved the khmer food particularly the Amok.Try to get yourself a big bag of Kampot pepper before ye leave too.The finest pepper known to man,yum.

by finto

Get yourselves back to Thailand find a nicer beach and have some R and R.
Happy Birthday to Harry, especially from Neil.. If it makes you feel better, the weather here is terrible and the rain is cold.

by Richie

Hey Caroline and all the nugent brady's

Have enjoyed all your stories hugely.

hope the last couple of weeks go well (body fluids aside).

by AoibheannTennyson

Finto - I'm all over that Amok - Harry and Rosie digging it too

Richie - Koh Rong was just the ticket. Weather was great and we spent a week there, the longest in any one spot yet

Aoibheann - I can't speak for Caroline but we're still having a good time - although sweaty beds were an issue on Koh Rong. There's only electricity between 6pm and midnight - no fans to cool you down, or walls to keep out creatures etc.


by goldenmaverick

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