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I rather regret the negative tone of my last missal, I mean it's a bit rich really. I think travelling calls for great enthusiasm every step of the way and I ran out of steam for a while. Nothing like a Koh to revitalise . Koh Rong was fab. Limited electricity , no TVs, no motorbikes or even roads. Just beach and jungle, well a plastic bottle mountain too but lets keep with the positive. From there to Koh Kong city. At first glance a lot of Cambodian towns wouldn't delight. I swear the bus companies find the ugliest spot, about 3 Kms out of town, arrange a bit of rain, and voila! First impressions are generally poor. But I have found the market towns, the unassuming pass through places to have the most charm. Koh Kong was an example, lovely people and surrounded by the most beautiful, diverse scenery I saw in Cambodia. In a country not known for its conservation, Koh Kong seems to be an exception. Perhaps the fact that the Khmer Rouge were knocking about there as recently as the 90's kept everyone else away! Good job lads.
We went out on a high with a night in Rainbow Lodge. It is a divine place, on the river backed by jungle, amazing food, lovely couple in charge. A little beyond our means, Eco seems to be a by word for expensive, better for people travelling for shorter periods. But a heavenly place. Neil, the manager, asked had we heard the Gibbons this morning. I wouldn't be too well up on Gibbon sounds. Mind you Harry pointed out that living beside the zoo,monkey sounds are as familiar as the 37 bus to us.
So farewell to Cambodge, to it's western/ Khmer , dollar/ riel mash up. To its pyjama wearing female population. To its instant noodles. Fascinating country, be great to see it catch a break.

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nice post, don't be too hard on yourself it is a great experience to be having...

by Richie

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