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June 2012


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Sending posts via e.mail seems to incur a delay of a couple of days. I'll sort it out over the coming days.

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One night in Bangkok

overcast 34 °C
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I had forgotten how awful air travel was. We've never travelled abroad together as a family, we usually just hop in the car and head for West Cork. For a bunch of kids who'd never been on an airplane they took it all in their stride. As for me, well I didn't take it as well as the kids. Sleep deprivation, airplane food, a numb arse. The perfect storm for a grumpy dad.

That said, we arrived in Bangkok and our taxi driver was waiting there for us. Very nice chap whose English was nearly as good as my Thai (not the 80's band http://m.youtube.com/?client=mv-google&rdm=m4vdvn21b#)

The hotel is good. A small mix-up around the beds but no big hassle. The lobby has six tailor shops with no one in them. The place is full of Indian families on package holidays with the odd Western tourist, or in our case, six odd tourists. We took a stroll around the neighbourhood last night and bumped into a friend from Dublin. It's a small world but I wouldn't like to have to paint it.

The heat is pretty full-on. It's about 34 celsius in the shade. We took a trip on the Sky Train today to get our bearings. The nearest station is called Nana so the kids will remember that easily enough. We'll head out later to see what's going on and to meet up for a drink with our friend and her family. More short-sentenced news to follow.

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Dublin Airport - Sunday june 3rd

We're sitting in the airport here in Dublin. The queen's jubilee is on the tv and its raining. It reminds me of Sundays in the 1980's. We're underdressed for Dublin but wearing far too much for Bangkok.

All the kids are remarkably relaxed and they couldn't wait to get going today. There was a lot of hanging around earlier today but at last it is starting to seem real. We're finally on our way. Paddy is enjoying watching the planes take-off. We'll see how he likes it inside one in a while.

More updates to follow as we head Eastwards.


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