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A word from Harry - Pt 3

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Yesterday we woke up at around eight and had breakfast then headed off to see temples.First we went to Angkor Wat and it was massive and amazing.When you think you've seen it all you find more to see and it felt like it would never end.Newt we went to another temple called Angor Thom that is even massiver than Angkor Wat and so big you have to drive around it.It was all overgrown a few years ago with forest that when they cut down all the trees growing on it so people could come vist it it was all kinda falling apart from roots growing and moving all the stone bricks.We didn't stay to long and only saw one of the many temples inside the Angkor Thom complex.After that we went to another temple that pretty much completely fallen apart so they had restored it.We didn't stay long there because it was very small and then we went back to where we are staying.We all rushed into are rooms threw open are bags and got on are swimming things and then ran down the stairs out the back door and jumped into the swimming pool.It felt amazing after being so warm earlier on in the 35 degree heat it was great to cool down.When we were all super wrinkly from the water we got dressed and headed out for dinner.We went to some place called the Khmer Kitchen and I had fried rice with vegetables and chicken as usual.When we got back to the place we are staying in everyone was dying so we all went to bed but I stayed up longer watching X-Men.
Written by HARRY

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Nang Khiaw - Pt. 2

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Ok at the moment we are in some really nice place called Nong Khiaw and are staying in a place called Sunset that is so queit and calm but when we first came here we were a bit lost in translation because the person who owns this place was away that day and the lady who worked here couldn't speak English.In Luang Namtha we met these two really nice people called Leane and Paul and we have stuck around with eachother and usually stayed in the same place and yesterday we went out to a really nice restuarant for my Moms birthday with Leane and Paul and we had told the people at the restuarant it was my Moms bithday and near the end they turned off all the lights but at first I thought they were trying to get us to leave but they brought out a chocolate covered pancake with chopped banana shaped into the word love.It also tasted animal.Another thing earlier that day we were at these caves and outside were you come in there was a big and sort of deep stream and when we came out two boys were jumping in so I decided I would too.So I cannonballed in in my jocks and it was great craic.At this very moment as I am typing this my Mom and Dad are planning stuff and it is a bit boring just sitting around but what can you do.Nong Khiaw is another supercoolyepic place.
P.S Harry wrote this

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