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On the road again.

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Last night in Kandy. We took a good look around the city during the day and then we dined in the equivalent of an Indian McDonald's -full on veggie food- we spent about 1200 rupees on the whole lot. That's about the price of a main course in the first place place we stayed in Negombo. I have to say that the food here is just savage. The Sri Lankan curries are bloody lovely, the fruit is bloody lovely too. Pineapples, bananas, mangoes, watermelon, papaya - fruit that you'd spend 20 euro on back home can be picked up for less than one tenth of that price and comes minus all the air miles.

Apparently you shouldn't visit Kandy without visiting Helgas Folly - a hotel in the hills just above Kandy City. We took a walk to it last night and we would have turned back only that a staff member showed us the way. The hotel is owned by the daughter of a famous Sri Lankan politician and diplomat from yesteryear- Frederick de Silva. Helga - the owner - is now in her seventies and has taken up permanent residence upstairs in the hotel. The hotel is the old family residence and the walls are adorned with pictures and cuttings of the extended family including Helgas own children. Her daughter is Isabella Blow a socialite who now lives in London and who's been known to rub shoulders with the likes of Alexander McQueen. Her aunt was the famous architect, Minette de Silva, who would have been a student of Le Corbusier and she was also Sri Lankas first female architect. The hotel is like one big trip. I'd highly recommend you swing by if you're ever in Kandy.

Today we took the more upmarket air conditioned bus to Anuradhapura. We were treated to lots of Sri Lankan music videos over the course of the three and a half hour journey. There appear to be two basic storylines on which all of them were based.

1. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl spurns boy. Boy kills himself. The End.
2. Boy/girl is ill in hospital. Lots of people cry. Boy/girl dies. The End.

It's pretty depressing stuff for a nation of people who are so friendly. Then I remembered that the guy who showed us the way to Helgas Folly also mentioned that Sri Lanka has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. You obviously only need to scratch the surface a little to see another side to all countries. Thankfully a man got on halfway through the bus journey who blocked my view of the screen. Otherwise I was in danger of replicating the fate of many of the young men in the videos.

One very interesting aspect of Sri Lanka which I've failed to mention this far is the driving. If one were to apply Irish standards to Sri Lankan drivers most would have amassed the maximum 12 points within five minutes of getting into their vehicle. Overtaking another overtaking vehicle is par for the course over here. The drivers horn is used like snuff at a wake. Their hands appear to be on the horn more than the steering wheel. But if you asked me if I felt safe I'm not sure how I'd respond. Their haphazard approach to driving is conducted with good nature and I've only seen one minor accident In the last week. At least they don't drive on the pavement like in Cambodia but I think that's only because there is no pavement to drive on here. Things like junctions and signposts appear to be token efforts to show that there are some kind of rules in operation. The one exception is pedestrian crossings - they'll all stop to let you cross there.

The hotel we're in tonight is a bit of a ghost hotel. We're checking out in the morning and moving next door for some action. We'll go and see some temples tomorrow but it's bloody hot - 35 degrees - so we'll see how that goes.

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It's like Kandy

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We spent three days in Negombo and delightful they were. Day two saw us take a trip to Negombo beach which was less than impressive. A big rip tide and two drownings occurred the day before we were there. The beach part of Negombo is a long stretch of tourist bars and hotels and was fairly unappealing to us. We didn't make it into the town that day. Instead we retreated back to our hideaway lodgings to pay over the odds for food and beer. We did make it into town the next day and I was sorry I hadn't checked it out.

Leaving for Kandy we caught the public bus. That was our first real taste of Sri Lanka. Once the seats on the bus were full we set off on our journey - only to stop five minutes later to let about thirty more people aboard. The tunes were banging out as we sweated buckets for the next four hours of the 120km journey. Some bloke had his arse stuck in Harry's head and a baby was puking out the window beside me. This was a good solid reminder that we were in Asia. It was reminiscent of several journeys we took in SE Asia a few years back.

Kandy is a peculiar place. It has world heritage status and is set in some spectacular scenery. The local tuk tuk tuk drivers and market stall holders hassle you a bit but a firm 'no thanks' generally sees them off. They're not as in your face as in other parts of the world. On our first night we went to the Kandy Muslim Hotel to eat - not so much a hotel but an eaterie. The locals eat out front but we were shunted out the back of the place to a dirty table with cockroaches on it. That might put the fainthearted off eating but not us. We ordered a load of food which was absolutely delicious. Our waiter knew very little English but knew who Gerry Adams was for some reason. Odd to say the least.

Today was Joe's 13th birthday. I had gotten my wires crossed and had hoped to bring him to the Sri Lanka v Pakistan cricket match. It turns out that it wasn't being held in Kandy but about 300 miles from here. Instead we went to check out the famous Kandy dance troupe - it was a mix of traditional Sri Lankan dancing, drumming and firewalking. Definitely one for the tourists i.e. us. Afterwards Joe wanted pizza so we all trooped off to get Domino's pizza. Our guest house owner made a fuss of him when we got back and we watched the last part of the cricket. Sri Lanka won handsomely. The workers in the guest house then took out a board game and taught the kids to play it. It was like a mixture of pool and shove-halfpenny. A truly good buzz to end the day.

Tomorrow we 'll try to plan our journey north to Aranadaphura and from there to Jaffna in the far north. Onwards and upwards.

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